Unang Una : Arriving in Montreal

Currency Exchange
  • Currency: As of March 2019 the Canadian dollar was valued at 1.00 CAD$ = 0.75 US$
  • Major credit cards are widely accepted
  • ATMs are widespread across the city and bank offices
  • More tourist information: https://www.mtl.org/en
Directions and Transit: Montreal-Pierre Trudeau Elliot International Airport to Le Meridien Versailles
BUS 747
  • Duration: approximately a 45 minute bus ride
  • Ticket/Pass information (for bus and metro):
    • We recommend the following package
      • 24-hour transit pass: $10 CAD
      • 3-day transit pass: $18 CAD
      • Weekly transit pass: $25.50 CAN
  • These passes can be purchased from ticket kiosks or vending machines at the airport, any subway stations (called “Metro”), or some pharmacies.
  • At the airport, as you exit the baggage area and enter the arrival hall you will find the vending machines as well as a ticket booth with a sales agent for the public transportation system (STM) who will assist you in selecting the most convenient fare.  You can use either cash or credit card at the vending machine or the ticket booth. Please note that if you don’t have a ticket, once on the bus only coins are accepted but exact change is needed.
  • The buses offer enough space for luggage, have free WIFI, and are wheelchair accessible.
  • Directions can be found using Google Maps
  • Schedule 747 to Downtown Montreal from Montreal-Trudeau Airport: http://www.stm.info/en/info/networks/bus/shuttle/line-747-east/60997
  • Duration: approximately 25 minute ride
  • Approximate cost for airport-city trips: $40 CAD (plus a 10-15% tip)
    • The average rates are $3.50 at meter drop, $1.70 per km and $0.63/minute for any delay. Not all taxis accept credit cards, so please confirm with the company beforehand.
  • Recommended taxi agencies:
    • Diamond Taxi: 514 273-6331 (accepts credit and debit cards)
    • Taxi Royal: 514 274-3333
    • Taxi Coop Montréal: 514 725-9885
    • Atlas Taxi: 514 485-8585 (upon request)
ANG GINAW! : How to dress for Montreal weather

Montreal is notorious for its harsh and icy winters; but luckily enough for us Pinay Power II will be held in April – when the snow slowly starts to melt and the air stings a little less! This year, the weather from April 17th to 20th  has been forecasted as relatively warm (by Montreal standards), with a low of 0℃ (30.2°F) and a high of 16℃ (60.8°F). These projected temperatures don’t fall too far from the historical averages. As the sheets of snow and ice that pester Montreal’s streets and sidewalks begin to thaw, one is often given the impression that spring has finally arrived. However, April in the city can be quite unpredictable, and it is common for relatively warmer temperatures followed by surges of cold. To survive April’s unpredictable weather, we recommend dressing up in layers; starting with light shirts/blouses/tops, followed by sweaters and a warm coat. Dressing in layers is practical, as it allows for convenient adjustments throughout the day. We also recommend bringing water-resistant outerwear (to cope with the predicted rain), closed-toe shoes and light boots. Maybe tsinelas just in case we get an extra warm day!