Since the 2005 publication of Pinay Power: Peminist Critical Theory: Theorizing the Filipina/American Experience (New York: Routledge), the first anthology of Filipina/American feminisms, we have seen great momentum in Peminist research and writing, cultural production, education, community service/practice, and activism. Pinay Power II: Celebrating Peminisms in the Diaspora will bring together self-identified Pinays (Filipina-identified, including queer and trans women) from across the diaspora to learn from one another and to create an agenda for peminist liberation in the 21st century.

This conference serves as a critical, community-oriented intervention in Peminist theories and praxis, highlighting Filipina experiences in the diaspora. We especially welcome contributions that engage with the following themes:

  • Indigenization, decolonization, healing
  • Queering Peminisms
  • Migration and settlement
  • Labour (Caregiving, Emotional)
  • Artistic / Cultural Production
  • Raised Pinay (Peminism: Coming of age or across the life course)
  • Community / Social Services, Activism, and Social Change
  • Peminism in the private sphere (intimacies)
  • Peminism in the everyday
  • Pinayist Theories, Praxis and/or Methodologies
  • Pinays in Academia
  • Tracing / Finding Peminist genealogies and histories

We invite you to explore and expand on the following guiding questions:

  • What is the state of peminist studies today?
  • What does it mean to be a Peminist / P/Filipina?
  • What gains have Pinays made in the last decade?
  • What new directions and inroads are being forged to advance Peminisms in the diaspora?

The goal of the conference is to create a space for Pinays on Turtle Island and in the diaspora to share and learn from each other’s ongoing work in decolonization, representation, research, and activism to promote diasporic sisterhood and forge an agenda for peminist empowerment into the 21st century. Authors of accepted submissions will be invited to submit manuscripts for the second edition of Pinay Power, or another related publication.


We invite academics, community-based scholars, graduate students, artists, educators, activists, and community members to provide submissions in the following suggested formats:

  • Individual paper (will be grouped by themes by conference team)
  • Panel presentations (up to 5 presenters)
  • Individual or group posters
  • Workshop (90 minutes)
  • Performance Media – Poetry/Spoken Word, Music, Dance, Theatre, Film
  • Digital Media – Live podcasts, Film screening and panel discussion
  • Networking activity / community building session

We encourage and welcome submissions across multiple creative mediums. If you wish to contribute a submission in a format not included in the list above, please contact with your request.


Please submit a 250-word abstract and a recent CV to

Opens: September 7, 2018

Closes: January 7, 2019

Notification (revised): February 1, 2019



Email Address:

Social Media: @PinayPowerII on Instagram and Twitter; hashtag #PinayPower

Conference Host: The Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies at McGill University

Conference Organizers

  • Melinda Luisa de Jesus (Muriel Gold Visiting Professor, McGill University; California College of the Arts)
  • Monica Anne Batac (Vanier Scholar and PhD student, School of Social Work, McGill University)
  • Karla Villanueva Danan (Master of Social Work student, University of Calgary)