Leonora (Nora) C. Angeles is the Associate Professor at the School of Community and Regional Planning and the Women’s and Gender Studies Undergraduate Program at the University of British Columbia. She is currently the Graduate Program Advisor of the Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies and faculty research associate at the UBC Centre for Human Settlements, involved in a number of applied research and capacity-building research projects in Brazil, Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries. Her continuing research are on community and international development studies and social policy, participatory planning and governance, participatory action research, and the politics of transnational feminist networks and agrarian issues in the Southeast Asian region.

Melinda L. De Jesús is the Associate Professor and former chair of Diversity Studies at California College of the Arts. She writes and teaches about girl culture, monsters, Asian American children literature and Filipina/o American cultural production. She is also a poet, musician, and visual artist. She edited the first anthology of peminist (Filipina/American feminist) theory, Pinay Power: Peminist Critical Theory (Routledge 2005). Her first collection of poetry, peminology, was published by Paloma Press in Spring 2018.

Valerie Francisco is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at San Francisco State University. Her research interests include: global and transnational sociology, migration and immigration studies, diaspora with a special interest on the Philippine migration, gender and the family, racial and ethnic relations in the U.S., labor, transnational social movements with regard to migrant workers, and international political economy. Her book, The Labor of Care: Filipina Migrants and Transnational Families in the Digital Age, was recently published by University of Illinois Press.

Robyn Rodriguez is the Chair of Asian American Studies at University of California Davis (UC Davis). She has recently founded the Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies. She is the Co-Director of Women of Color/Non-Binary People of Color Scholars Inclusion Project at UC Davis. Professor Robyn Rodriguez has written extensively on race, immigration, labour, and activism.